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Catherine L. Taylor's
The Law of Attraction 
for Weight Loss Audio Course


Discover the Secret to Manifesting
the Body of Your Dreams 



The Law of Attraction for Weight Loss
Do you love the law of attraction but are confused about how to use it for weight loss?

Have all your efforts at manifesting weight loss produced little results?
Are you unsure how or where to focus to produce the results you're looking for?
This self-paced digital course (downloadable mp3's) takes the law of attraction and gives you easy methods to apply the law in a way that will get results. It takes you step by step into a process that will help you manifest results in no time at all!
It also includes 3 guided visualizations and audio affirmations that will help focus you, raise your vibration, and connect you to your source of manifesting power. 

Part One

The Foundation
Focus and Intention
The Power of Belief
Visualization and the Law of Attraction
Your Vision
The Power of Intention
Creating Your Personal Visualizations 
Your Vision Board


Part 1 Overview


Discover how acceptance paves the way for permanent change.


Learn how to use focus and attention to achieve results.


Find out how the power of belief works and how to use it to your advantage.


Learn how to use visualization to harness the power of the law of attraction.


Discover the power of intention and get a clear vision of what you are actually seeking to manifest. 


Learn to create personal visualizations that will accelerate your results. 

Meditation 1 - Taking It to the River of Life 
 Releasing Your Weight



This guided meditation is designed to help your subconcious release the need to be overweight. It's a powerful meditation that sends a powerful message to the Universe that you are now ready to release your weight and move forward.




Meditation 2 - Aligning with Your Thinner Body



This meditation is designed to bring you into alignment with your thinner body. It connects you with your future body and brings it into the now allowing it to manifest.  





Meditation 3  Connecting to Source



This is a meditation that connects you to the source of your manifesting power to help you manifest your weight loss.   





Part Two



The Law of Abundance
Connecting to Source 
The Power of Gratitude
The Power of Feelings
The Power of Forgiveness
Common Blocks to Manifesting Your Desired Weight
Creating a Gratitude Journal
Creating a Manifestation Journal
How to Raise Your Vibration


Part Two Overview


Discover how the law of abundance works and tap into its infinite potential.


Learn how to connect to the source of your manifesting power to achieve the results you're looking for. 


Discover how to create an optimal state of change through gratitude and appreciation. 


Learn how to raise your vibrational state so that you can be a match for what you want to manifest.


Discover the common blocks to manifesting your ideal weight.

Part Three


The Energy of Food
High Vibration Foods
5 Ways to Love Your Body Now
Goal Setting


Part Three Overview


Learn about the energy of food and how to choose high vibrational foods that are in alignment with your goal. 


Discover 5 ways to begin to love your body now.


Learn the power of goal setting to bring your vision into fruition. 


Find out how to set your daily intentions so that you can stay focused and on track. 


Learn how to eat like a naturally thin person by keying into your body's natural signals of hunger and satiety. 



Sue P.
"Though designed for weight loss, you can use the techniques and meditations in this course to manifest anything you desire."

April S. 
"I lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks by using this course. What worked the most for me were the daily visualizations and meditations. They kept me feeling good and focused."

Special Bonus


3 Specially Designed Audio Affirmation Tracks Designed to Keep You Aligned, Motivated, and Focused

PDF Format Companion Workbook  

***Please note: This is a self-paced digital audio course.  After purchase, you will be sent a link to listen to the audios and download the pdf workbook. There are no actual physical cds or workbooks. Files are in mp3 and pdf formats. 



Karen S.
"Catherine has a way of applying the law of attraction that will get you quick results. I lost 5 pounds in the first week and a half."

Linda J.
"Catherine takes a complicated subject and makes it easy to understand with practical tips and tools."



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