Weight Loss Meditations

Healing words can nourish the soul.  ~Catherine L. Taylor 

Losing weight permanently is a journey of self discovery. This journey is spiritual because the work must be done from the inside out. Spiritual weight loss is the work of reclaiming your authentic Self. To make peace with food and weight, you must make peace with yourself. This requires learning to nourish your soul.

I have created these weight loss meditations to give you encouragement and motivation on your thinner journey. They are especially good for people who struggle with emotional eating. The meditations help you to start the day off with a positive focus. They are designed to help you reflect and tap into the wisdom and truth that already exists within you.

I hope you will find my Weight Loss Meditations food for your soul.


Catherine L.Taylor



Letting Go

Surrender the Fear




Awakening to Your Real Beauty

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