Weight Loss Wisdom: Joy


The more you surrender to a state of being, the more joy you will have in your life. Joy is your natural state. It is not something you have to search for. It arises naturally when you are being who you truly are.

Emotional overeating is a joyless activity. You are eating to tranquilize and numb yourself. You are also numb to your joy.

Joy is the natural by-product of an authentic life. Living from the source of your being, and expressing your most essential Self is the key to a joyful existence. When you open yourself up to wider possibilities and solutions to life, you will begin to recover your joy. Food will become one source of nourishment, among many others. Begin to savor the banquet of life and joy will be your constant companion.

Daily Affirmation: Joy is my natural state. I tap into my center and express the joy that is already mine.

Questions: When do I feel most joyful? What brings me joy? How might I add these things to my daily life? 

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