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Weight Loss Tips and Tricks - My Top Ten

Here are some of the best weight loss tips and tricks that I offer to my clients as a professional weight loss coach. They have been proven to be effective and will help to quickly put you on the path to success!

  1. Successful weight loss requires structure. Spontaneity often leads to overeating. Plan your meals in advance. Eat at regular meal times. Stock your pantry and freezer with healthy foods, especially foods that don't take a long time to prepare. I like to say, "Fail to plan, plan to fail!" It's easier to eat healthy when you have a meal plan, and the food stocked in your house to carry the plan out.

  2. Eat the majority of your meals at home. Bring your lunch to work. Studies show that people who eat out regularly consume 300-800 more calories per meal! It's much easier to maintain your weight and your budget when you eat at home or eat meals that you have prepared. Take the money you save and invest in some personal coaching to help you learn skills to keep the weight off for good!

  3. Eat every 2-4 hours. Do not skip meals. Feed your metabolism by eating frequent small meals and snacks. It will keep your blood sugar stable, so that you don't become ravenous and then overeat. If you suffer from low blood sugar, keep a nutrition bar or healthy snack in your purse for when blood sugar dips and you're unable to get to food right away.

  4. Try to eat a salad every day. Eating salad is a great way to get all your vegetables. Choose salads with lots of variety and vegetables that way you get plenty of fiber and vegetables in one sitting. It's a great way to get most of your recommended 3-5 servings of vegetables a day. Salads fill you up, keep you regular, and they are satisfying because they require lots of chewing and take awhile to eat. Just be sure to keep the dressing on the side or use a low fat, low calorie dressing.

    Better yet, make your own low calorie vinaigrette. Replace half the oil in your regular recipe with water. Whip it up in the blender to emulsify it. You will have the same great taste with half the calories!

  5. Be proactive. The best way to avoid eating junk food is to not buy it in the first place. Keep all trigger and overly tempting foods out of your house and pantry. It's pretty hard to make the wrong choice is you don't have the choice to begin with. Keep your house and drawers at work filled with healthy snacks such as fresh and dried fruit, nutrition bars, yogurt, nuts and lowfat cheese.

  6. Write down all that you eat. Many a diet has been derailed by handfuls and tastes of "this and that." Our minds have a wonderful capacity to deceive us and selectively forget what we have eaten. A recent study showed that writing down what you eat is one of the secrets of permanent weight loss. The act of writing makes you more mindful of what you put into your mouth. It doesn't have to be fancy - keep a small notebook with you at all times.

  7. Eat healthy most of the time but allow 20% of your diet to be for special treats, special occasions, and splurges. One splurge doesn't ruin a healthy eating plan. Don't use splurges as an excuse to go hog wild for weeks on end. If you overindulge, pick yourself back up and get back on your plan right away.

  8. Don't allow yourself too much variety. Too many choices can leave you overwhelmed. If you're very busy, and don't have much time to prepare meals, eat the same breakfast and lunch every day. This way you only have to plan something for dinner.

  9. Learn to love yogurt. Plain lowfat or nonfat yogurt (with live cultures) eaten with fresh fruit is a wonderfully satisfying snack and is great for your digestive system. Small 6 oz containers of yogurt are the perfect size to get you through to the next meal. Nonfat frozen yogurt makes a refreshing and zesty lo-cal treat.

    Yogurt boosts your immune system and the calcium is great for your bones. Studies show calcium and dairy products, including yogurt, aid weight loss. It's also a great evening snack; it will help you sleep.

  10. Eat fruit. Fruit helps keep sugar cravings in check. Fruit is satisfying and has plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals. You should try to get five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Carry fruit in your purse, so that when hunger strikes you have something healthy and fast to eat.

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