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Healing Emotional Eating Part Two

Ask Spirit or your inner wisdom for help. You have a core of divine energy within you. This energy will heal you. Start a regular practice of prayer, yoga, meditation, etc. Spend daily quiet time in nature or at home reading inspirational literature.

Get therapy and or medication if you are extremely overwhelmed, depressed, or suffering from extreme mood swings or anxiety. Taking medication is not an indication of being a failure. It also doesn't mean that you have to take it the rest of your life. It may be necessary for a while to establish some emotional equilibrium and stability in your life.

Learn to eat normal, regular meals with mindfulness. Get personal support through having a coach and mentor like myself to keep you accountable and give you daily or weekly encouragement.

Create a safe emotional space - a sacred sanctuary - for yourself. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Practice loving-kindness. Feed your Self with loving thoughts and kind words. Use affirmations.

Learn to sit with your feelings and process them by writing in a journal daily. Feelings are not facts; they will pass if you will acknowledge them. What you can feel you can heal. Let go of the old hurts and resentments that are holding you back. Learn to express your anger in healthy and appropriate ways.

Stop isolating. Focusing on the pain and or problem just envelopes you in it more. Get out of your self and into life. Have fun, help someone else, volunteer. Develop some hobbies. Spend time being creative. Join a support group.

Begin to grieve and let go of the past. Acknowledge that there are things that you didn’t get; forgive your parents and yourself. Welcome yourself back into the circle of your own heart. Learn to give yourself what you really need and want in life, instead of trying to get it from external sources: people, places, and things.

Develop strong, yet permeable boundaries. Detach from chaotic, toxic or draining relationships and situations. Learn to say no. Stop trying to be what you think everyone else wants you to be. Please yourself! It’s not the end of the world if someone doesn’t like you.

Acknowledge all that is good about you and your life on a regular basis. Practice gratitude.

Put your focus on your strengths and talents, not on what is missing. Accept that you will never be perfect. There is perfection in this.

Allow yourself to make mistakes. It means you’re growing! When you fall, pick yourself back up quickly. Relapses are to be expected and part of the recovery process.

Make peace with the fact that your spirit lives in a body and treat that body as the sacred vehicle it was meant to be. Feed and exercise it with love. It is here to serve you. Find the weight that feels right for you, and that's appropriate to your frame and genetic make-up, not what society thinks you should weigh.

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