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The Secrets Of Permanent Weight Loss

How you do food is how you do life!®

Permanent weight loss is about finding a way of being in the world that supports one’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. It is the work of becoming a new self. 

Food and weight issues are a calling to wholeness and integration. The weight is only a symptom. The larger issue is one of separation: a separation of the mind, body and spirit. Permanent weight loss requires a change in how you approach and perceive life. This change has to come from the inside out.

The skills of weight and life mastery are one and the same. Your relationship with food mirrors your relationship with all of life. If you are compulsive and/or out of balance with food, your entire life will be out of balance. You eat how you are. 

When you are at a place of peace within yourself, you will be at peace with food.

How You do Food is How You do Life! ®

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