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What People Say About
The How You do Food is How You do Life! ®
Coaching Program
(Formerly known as The Weight Loss Masters Club) 

I have lost 14 pounds with your course.  I have been on every diet and program known to mankind. I am about 100 pounds overweight. I have not started exercising yet and hope to soon.  The two most helpful tips were to be mindful when choosing what to eat and when eating, and to eat when hungry.

That sounds so simple but that has really changed my relationship with food. I no longer turn to food or use food as a crutch. Only took me 58 years!

Looking forward to Session 2!

~ Geri S.

Your course really opened my eyes. I was so down on myself because I thought I needed to follow a diet perfectly. It never dawned on me that my perfectionism combined with diets was really the problem! You helped me to quit being so hard on myself. I learned that my efforts each day really add up as long as I don't quit from not being perfect! During this course, I haven't been perfect and I've managed to lose 22 lbs. without dieting. Just eating when I'm hungry, exercising a bit, and eliminating all that emotional eating has really worked!

~ Linda

Thanks for this class, it was given at the right time that I needed it. Not only did I lose 10 pounds, but you helped me change my black and white thinking. My husband has commented that he feels like he doesn't know me, since before it was always my way or a certain way.

Now, that I'm willing to hear his way and agree that he has some valid points, he is excited. He says that hasn't happened in over 10 years! I think making myself a priority and following a self-care program has really helped me to make changes outwardly as well as inwardly.

I really feel good about myself, the changes I'm making regarding eating healthy foods and my attitude that this is my new healthy lifestyle, not a diet.

Thank you Catherine for helping me make these changes and shifts in my attitude that I've been struggling with for over 10 years! I'm so excited!

— Elly in New Jersey

Since taking your course, I have changed my focus from trying to control my eating habits to finding new coping strategies when I find I am eating when I am not hungry.  Mindfulness is making a big difference!

Thanks so much!


Famous weight release programs in the market don’t work for the long run, unless YOU make a fundamental change—and that change is to neutralize your outlook towards your own body.

Catherine’s coaching, is just this—a valuable platform to neutralize all the judgments that we hold in our bodies. When we accept ourselves as we are, the judgment starts to fade. You experience that pounds begin to melt away as a consequence.

I congratulate Catherine for this amazing club, and recommend it to everybody. I enjoyed the group and all the motivated people in it.

The group coaching experience is amazing—it provides the valuable opportunity of group consciousness, for self-acceptance. A lot of weight was lifted from these shoulders.

— Pragati

I really enjoyed attending these sessions! I needed a course like this in order to try to release my internal blocks and to figure out why I was continuously sabotaging myself during weight loss. We were encouraged to look at our deeper needs, and common core beliefs to try to find out what is gained by having these beliefs.

We were taught ways to replace the negative beliefs with more positive ones. This course was my first step in trying to fully understand myself. Catherine presented the material in a very warm, concise, and easy to understand manner. She was very receptive to any questions one might have and encouraged contacting her for additional support.

I highly recommend taking these sessions if you are someone who needs help figuring out why you eat emotionally and for support to help stop the behavior.

~ Anita

What I liked most about working with Catherine was her compassion and her experience. She seemed to have background on so many things that were unique to me. What I learned in the process was that I shared common life experiences that many other people that wrestle with food and body issues have.

I wasn't alone or different, but part of a bigger group of people who are looking into their emotions and becoming more conscious of the role that food and eating play in their daily lives. I also learned that even though I've been solidifying my behaviors for many years, there is a way to unzip my food dependence and move forward in a healthier and more sustainable way.

I feel less freaked out by food now, and I hear her voice in my head everyday. Most of the time that voice makes me laugh, but sometimes, when I need to hear the truth, her voice gives me the strength to stop and think about what I'm doing in the moment, and to ask myself whether or not I'm making an old habitual unconscious choice, or a sparkly choice that honors my life goals.

~ Doug

I want to thank you for your clear, direct and compassionate teaching in our group.
I like to hear your hardy laugh, which helps me with my learning challenges. I have a long history of feeling intimidated and frightened by teachers. You have the right amount of serious, focused and light hearted, empathetic way of teaching. I feel more confident that I won't quit this process.

I am struggling with resistance and self-sabotage, but I have made progress with allowing myself to make mistakes without the punishment and self-criticism. That's big for me, after 40 years of depression. So, I am encouraged, and notice that my self-awareness is growing and will take your suggestion to take it one step at a time, one practice at a time and let that be enough for right now.

Thanks for your guidance and expertise,

 ~ Liza

The How You do Food is How You do Life Program runs live in Jan, March, and September.

The next one begins January 12th, 2017. Early bird registration price is $197 until December 31st. After that the price is $297. 

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