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Weight Loss Wisdom: Self-Love

To lose weight permanently you must remember who you are. You are love.

Most of us have a hard time fully loving ourselves. A lack of self-love causes us to feel empty inside. We look outside of ourselves hoping something will fill the void we feel inside. This sets us up for failure because nothing on the outside can fully satisfy us. Self-love is an inside job. Until we come to this realization, we are doomed to keep looking on the outside for a substitute. Those of us who struggle with compulsive overeating use food as a substitute for love.

We must begin to have a love affair with ourselves. We begin by turning our gaze inward with the eyes of a curious lover. We are the most fascinating creatures on the planet. If only we could believe that! There is an entire universe inside of us waiting to be discovered.

Daily meditation

The secret to loving yourself is to remember who you are. You are love.

Your spirit is love itself. When you love yourself, you will attract an abundance of love. The secret is to discover and express the love you have inside. It will flow back to you in a myriad of ways.

Daily Questions

What will it take for me to start loving myself? How can I begin to express the love I have inside?

Daily Affirmations

I am love. I look within to find the love I am seeking. I will begin to express the love inside of me.

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