Weight Loss Can Be Fun!

Beads are eye candy for the soul.   Catherine L. Taylor

I am a true believer in the power of creativity and art to lose weight. Creativity helps to take your mind off negative thinking, fat, weight loss, and food. The power of a positive focus makes all the difference in the world when losing weight.

Creativity is a direct portal into joy and light. All people are creative; thinking is creative! Channeling your life energy into creative projects is an act of self-affirmation. You don't have to be artistic. It’s all about the process. You will have something far more rewarding to look at besides fat!

Being creative boosts your self esteem and it is so rewarding to create something with your own hands. I've been a jewelry maker for over 30 years now. I love wearing my creations because jewelry makes me feel beautiful; it thrills me to be able to wear my little works of art!

I use to be shy and I found jewelry to be a great conversation starter. Everywhere I went people started talking to me about my jewelry. They started asking to buy my things and the next thing I knew I was selling my jewelry.

Jewelry and beading go back to the beginning of time. The word bead come from an old English word “bede” which means "to pray." I have always felt a spiritual connection with beads. I find them to be great therapy. Whenever I find myself feeling down I go play with my beads. The colors, textures, and shapes instantly brighten my spirits. Watch out! They aren't fattening but they are addicting. Beads are eye candy for the soul.

If jewelry making isn't your thing try your hand at other crafts or hobbies. The main thing is to develop an interest away from food. Making something keeps your hands busy. Hobbies and crafts are great stress relievers! I find crochet to be very meditative and relaxing. Knitting is too. These are great to do while watching television and are a great food substitute if your weakness is eating in front of the tv.

You could also try scrapbooking, sewing, collage, adult style coloring books, or digital photography. Look for groups in your community or on the internet to connect with others who share your interest. Sharing the love of your craft with others opens you up to meeting new people. Crafts are even more fun when done with others. So get crafty and creative...and start losing the weight!

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