Healing Emotional Eating

Emotional eating ends when you begin to access your aliveness and authenticity.  ~   Catherine L. Taylor

As an emotional eating expert and person who has over 25 years of recovery from food addiction and binge eating disorder, I am often asked by people what was instrumental in my recovery. The following is a brief summation of my wisdom and experience on the path to permanent weight loss, peace, joy and freedom.

Make a commitment to recovery. Invest in yourself. You are worth it.

Get honest. Is this the life you really want? If not, develop the willingness to let go of the behaviors and patterns that are no longer serving you.

Learn to meet your needs with other things besides food. Practice self-care by pampering and rewarding yourself on a regular basis. Become your own best friend.

Get a handle on your sleep issues. Sleep deprivation leads to overeating, food cravings, lack of exercise, and obesity.

Be willing to be uncomfortable and move forward into the unknown. Develop trust that you have the strength and capacity to change. You are far more powerful than you believe you are. 

Appreciate yourself for all you have done to survive up until now.  You have made it this far. Your eating has been serving you. It developed to help you survive. You did the best you could with the skills you have. Before you can let go of it, you have to learn some new life skills.

Be willing to set realistic limits and expectations of yourself. A mature person knows that they can’t always have everything they want, when they want it. Stop expecting instant results. Ditch the diet mentality. Learn to tolerate discomfort by delaying gratification. The best things in life take a while to achieve.

Understand it's a journey; you will have setbacks and relapses. You will not always be motivated. The key is to pick yourself up quickly and getting back on the path as soon as possible. Be kind to yourself, beating yourself up only leads to more bingeing.

Try not to attempt too many changes at once. Slow, gentle changes are best. Too much change all at once sets you up for failure.

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