Dance Your Way To Weight Loss!

There's no fool like a dancing fool!

The secret to permanent weight loss is to rediscover your joy of movement. All children possess a natural love of movement. They are natural dancers.

As you get older you often lose the connection between joy and movement. You become more inhibited and sedentary. You start to see exercise as drudgery; it becomes something you feel you have to do. Your relationship with your body becomes more adversarial; you start to see your body as something that needs to be controlled and whipped into shape.

In order to regain your love of movement you need to think once again like a child. You need to regain your sense of exercise as joyful play. I suggest getting in touch with your "thinner dancer."

Do this alone at first. Adults are often afraid of looking silly in front of other people. Turn on your favorite dance grooves, shimmy and shake alone in your living room. Let yourself look silly. No one’s watching. Make a fool out of yourself! So many of us live in our heads. This is a great way to get back into our bodies.

Dancing is fun and a great stress reliever. Dancing also burns up a lot of calories. Weight loss happens naturally when you dance up a joyful sweat!

  • Make a tape or cd of your favorite dance music. Use this to dance to.

  • When you’re at home and at your computer get up and turn on some music. Take a boogie break for 10 minutes. This will get your blood flowing and it works a lot better than coffee!

  • Each week dance a little bit longer (about 5 minutes) until you can dance the entire side of your tape or cd. Keep increasing until you can dance to the whole cd.

Who knows? As you get more comfortable and confident you may decide to dance with a partner or even take a real dance class!

If you’re having a good time dancing you might want to buy a few dance based exercise videos - there’s dance yoga, salsa, hip-hop, dancing with the oldies, etc.

My personal current favorite is dancing to the bangra beat made famous in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire." I especially like the exercise video "Bollywood Burn;" it's great fun to she bop like a Bollywood princess, and you don't have to be a dance virtuoso to do it.

So c'mon, get your groove on, bust a move, and work up a playful sweat! Your "thinner child" will be glad you did.

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