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Weight Loss, Binge Eating and Emotional Eating Success Stories 

What I liked most working with you Catherine is your straightforwardness about losing weight and helping me see the ways I used denial and magical thinking to explain why I couldn't lose weight.  You helped me see I absolutely had to change this way of thinking or I would not be successful. 

I learned to be honest with myself, and to take responsibility for my behavior.   I learned I cannot eat whatever I want, when I want and as much as I want and lose weight (magical thinking)!!!  But, I could still have my treats and go out to eat, but not do it every day!

I've benefitted by losing 13 pounds!  I catch myself a lot faster when I'm trying to rationalize overeating.  I forgive myself faster, and get back on track faster.  I don't give up, and have stopped thinking once I get to my goal weight I can go back to how I ate before!  Losing weight and maintenance are not two separate events! 

I've pretty much tried everything!  This was different for two reasons. One, I decided I was tired of the losing/gaining cycle ("if you're tired of starting over, stop giving up" - best thing you ever said to me)!!!  And two, I wanted one on one help with someone who has had their own weight issues and succeeded! 

I think anyone who seriously wants to CHANGE, will benefit from working with you.  If they can just hang in there until they finally let it sink in that they cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results, they will be successful.  Also, it will be uncomfortable at times to not eat like you used to, but those feelings do pass if you just hang in there. 

Thank you for helping me move successfully toward my goal in a loving way.


Catherine has a gift of figuring out what is at the root of why I turn to food. What amazes me time and time again is that food is not the problem; it is actually my solution for all kinds of other problems, frustrations and issues that come up in life. Catherine has helped me find better ways of working through these things, with acceptance, love and peace. 

She has so many tools and ways of getting through to me and I walk away from every one of our sessions with a gem of wisdom that brings ease to my life. Along the way, she has helped me become a better wife, mother, daughter and friend. I am so grateful that I made the decision to work with Catherine!

~ Amy

When I first called Catherine, I was fairly convinced that I was beyond help and beyond hope for losing any weight. I’m 43 and have fought with food and my body since I was 8. Despite many lines in the sand, many programs and a lot of therapy, there seemed to be only one truth left in my mind: I am meant to be overweight and I am doomed to being a quitter.

Catherine was calm and accepting of everything I told her and I was relieved to hear her voice of compassion. We began talking about needs vs. wants and I was sure this topic would involve vegetables and vitamins. I was surprised to learn that she meant needs like: self-kindness, self-acceptance, regular meals, regular rest, learning to say “no”…to too many demands, not really to food. 

She talked about pleasure and happiness and self-worth and I realized all of my past efforts with food centered around punishment and judgement, not health. For the first time in years, I am not gaining weight. I am not being mean to myself. I am learning real skills of self-care and dependability.

 I am also losing weight. I won’t say it’s always easy work, but it’s always worth it and it’s always compassionate. Ridding myself of perfectionism and judgement has been an emotional weight loss and my body is following.  I am so grateful that Catherine could lead me on this journey.

~ Jen

I am very grateful for the private coaching that I did with Catherine. She provided a safe place for me to share my experience. She coached and assisted me to take at look at my choices and what I was creating and provided tools that I could work with on my own between calls. She was always available through email, which was very useful. I have learned to trust myself and let go of my black and white thinking. I don't think about my food much anymore. I live life free of the chains of dieting. I love and nurture my body with ease.

I know what foods work best for me and choosing them is easy. It has been weeks now since my last binge and I can't comprehend ever going there again. The icing on the cake is the 10 lbs. my body has released over the past month as I let go of dieting. Catherine supported me as I did the work. It seemed so hard to wrap my head around at first, but I stuck with it and found that it really became easy.  If you want support that will get you out of the insanity of dieting and allow your body to heal, working with Catherine is for you.

~ Carolyn 

I started working with Catherine a little over a year ago and we worked primarily on emotional eating, listening to my body's hunger and satiety signals, letting go of perfectionist tendencies and finding a system that works for life instead of the binge/diet yo-yo cycle.

 I only lost a few pounds but weight loss wasn't my main goal. I just felt exhausted by the mental struggle of what to eat, when to eat, should I try a new diet, should I do more cardio, should I wear a pedometer, etc. I just felt like it consumed my existence and wanted to find a way that I can just eat to live and not live to eat. I wanted to enjoy my life without the background chatter while at the same time maintaining a healthy weight.

Catherine introduced me to meditation, setting my intentions at the beginning of the day, tuning into what my body actually needs and really helped me be ok with "good enough" instead of perfect. Soon after I worked with Catherine one-on-one I became pregnant and I am so thankful for all the progress we made because it allowed me to enjoy my pregnancy and focus on being healthy instead of throwing in the towel and eating everything in sight.

I gained 30 lbs. while pregnant and lost all but 5 lbs. within 3 weeks of giving birth. None of this was was healthy eating and exercising while pregnant and continuing those healthy habits post-baby. Like any new mom, I put myself in second place while taking care of a newborn but when my daughter was 5 months or so I joined Catherine's group sessions as a "refresher".

 I went back to the basics and starting listening to my body again, added meditation and daily intentions to my routine and realized that I need to take care of myself in order to take care of my baby. Catherine has such a positive yet no nonsense way of helping you and I really feel like I owe her so much of my well-being.

Focusing on the mind is definitely the way to conquer health (both physical and mental). I no longer search for the next diet (even when I see my Facebook friends praising the great effects of the "21 day fix"...what happens after the 21 days anyways?) and just try to focus on consistently eating healthy, exercising, listening to my body and being at peace.

That's better than what any diet, trainer, workout, or cleanse claims to offer me! Thanks so much for all you've done for me Catherine and hope more people get to benefit from your wonderful work!

~ Mihaela 

Thank you for helping me transform my life. I feel miles away from where I started. I reached out to you after years of being stuck and feeling entirely imprisoned within myself. I had almost accepted that that feeling and binging as who I was. You helped me discover more parts of myself. I appreciate you for being real with me, honest and kind. Yes, our work together helped me be thinner, but mostly it helped me be happier. Who can ask for more?

Thank you! I appreciate you tremendously. ~Alina

What I enjoyed the most from working one on one with Catherine is that she helped me confront, with great empathy, what my weakest problem area was. Once that was acknowledged, I was able to work with Catherine in a safe environment to get over that hurdle without judgment or criticism and breakthrough to the other side and learn that this is a process that takes time. This single breakthrough is what I needed to move forward, and for that, I am grateful. ~ Kimberly, Virginia

Catherine has credibility. Essentially she has been through what I am going through and I’ve always wanted to meet a woman who has overcome an eating addiction and/or emotional eating so I could pick their brains and learn from them.  I found Catherine very easy to relate to and very real. 

From my time with Catherine I’ve found a gift beyond description - which is the missing pieces to the blueprint from which I operate - essentially the key to my life. 

I now KNOW exactly what is motivating my behavior and why and with this knowledge I now choose how I react to circumstances and challenges in my life, instead of being dictated to by my emotions and using food to be distracted by them. 

Everything is so much simpler than I allowed myself to believe. My instincts were telling me this but I chose to buy into what the diet experts were saying and in doing so I overcomplicated things so much so that I completely blinded myself to the simple truth which has always been staring me in the face. 


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