Goals and Benefits of Weight Loss Coaching

 Coaching can help you:

  • Develop realistic weight loss goals and a daily action plan to achieve those goals
  • Learn better self care and stress management
  • Reconnect with your feelings, body, hopes, and dreams
  • Develop a healthier relationship with food, as well as life itself
  • Learn self-forgiveness and practice loving-kindness
  • Eliminate black and white thinking, perfectionism, and other thinking distortions
  • Release self defeating patterns around food and weight
  • Develop a deeper connection to your inner wisdom
  • Improved body image
  • Awaken to your real life
  • Recover your joy!
  • Why Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Coaching Works

    One on one weight loss and emotional eating coaching can make a big difference in getting and keeping you on track to meet your weight loss, fitness, health and life goals. Many people need the personal support to keep accountable and on track. Sometimes just a few sessions can make a big difference in your level of motivation and focus.

    A recent study led by researchers at Duke University Medical Center and published in The Journal Of The American Medical Association in March 2008 showed that the people who lost the most weight and successfully kept it off have had regular contact with a weight loss counselor.

    If you have repeatedly lost weight and regained it or have failed to lose it in the first place, it may be time to admit defeat and get some help and learn some new ways of coping with life. Coaching can make the difference between success and failure. The reason it works is it provides support, encouragement, structure, and accountability while teaching you some new life skills and coping tools. Many of us when left to our own devices soon lapse back into old unhealthy behaviors.

    Coaching helps you to navigate the change process and stay the course so that you can integrate new behaviors that will support you for a lifetime. Clients say this is the best money they have ever spent on themselves, especially after considering the costs of failed weight loss diets, foods, programs, gyms, and therapists.

    Kaiser Permanente recently released the results of a health research study, in the April edition of Journal Of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, which offers new hope for binge and emotional eaters. This study showed that 63% of the people who were offered a 12 week "guided self-help" program that included eight sessions with a weight loss coach/health educator, (not a therapist), were able to quit bingeing within 6 months, as compared to 27% who were offered the usual care.

    This study validates and supports the way I work with my clients with binge and emotional eating issues. I also offer 8-12 week sessions and my program is "guided self-help" as well. Clients are taught how to identify and deal with their eating triggers, given weekly self care assignments and exercises to complete, and then meet with me to discuss the results and get support. I also offer additional email support between visits. Note: I am not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente in any way.

    This study is great news for people who cannot afford expensive eating disorder programs or sessions with a therapist. It shows that with the right support and tools, emotional and binge eating can be cured. As a former binge eater, I am living proof of this! 

    How I Work

    Only one who has come out of the darkness can lead another to the light.

    When people come to me to with food and or weight issues it quickly becomes apparent to them that these are only symptoms. The larger issue is one of separation: a separation of the mind, body and spirit. Optimal health and fitness requires the mind and spirit to be as fit as the body.

    When I work with another, whether in person or on the phone, I create a safe, supportive sanctuary for the healing to begin. There is no judgement or criticism, just an acceptance of where you are at in the moment.

    My intuitive and warm presence acts as a mirror so that you can discover where you are presently blocking your own light and growth. I have a large toolbox of practical skills to tune mind, body and spirit, so that you can get the results you are looking for. It is in the practice of these skills that knowledge becomes wisdom. 

    Success Stories and Testimonials 

    Are You Coachable?

    To benefit from the coaching process you need to be ready and willing to do something different. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results! You must be willing to stretch beyond your comfort zone as you learn new ways of being.

    You will need to allow yourself the time and patience to sprout new wings. Change is much easier in a state of self-acceptance. You must be open and willing to take gentle direction from a person who has been there. The crucial step required is action. Without your total commitment to practice these skills in your life, you will not be successful.

    The greatest investment you will ever make is the one you make in yourself!

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