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Healing Emotional Eating - Part Three

Understand that losing weight provides only temporary satisfaction. Being thin will not bring you the long term happiness that you are seeking. It’s like getting a shiny, new car. Exciting, then the novelty wears off. You’re still left with you - a thinner version of yourself, with the same problems, issues, and life challenges.

The best reason to lose weight and get fit is because you want to feel vibrantly and vitally alive! It is hard to feel truly alive when you are not in optimal health. Excess weight and lack of exercise drags your spirit down.

The more aliveness you are able to experience, the more you can express your joy and true essence in the world. The more authentic you are, the less food and weight obsession will be an issue for you.

Practice the “middle way.” Learn moderation in all things. Avoid thinking and living in extremes. Life, people, places and things - including food - are not good or bad, they just are. Accept that life in all its complexity is beautiful.

Learn to trust and listen to the small, still voice within. The more that you acknowledge that voice and feed it, the more the critical voice will lessen.

You are not your body, or a role that you play. You are a divine being here to express your true essence in the world. All that is required is that you show up fully in the present.

Fill yourself up with the presence of your own heart by giving yourself the gift of your own attention. Shine the light of your awareness into the dark corners of your heart. You will find there is nothing to fear there but fear itself.

Take small risks on a regular basis. Begin to tolerate fear and uncertainty. Stretch yourself past your comfort zone by taking baby steps into the unknown. Begin to let others see the real you.

Give yourself permission to just be. Relax into the fullness of the moment. There is wisdom in the stillness.

Trust that there is a higher plan for your life and that everything that happens is a lesson for your growth.

Share your gifts with the world. Begin to express the love you have inside of you.

Take baby steps towards your hopes and dreams. You have a lot to give.

Learn to tolerate peace and happiness. Allow yourself to receive the things you have always wanted. You deserve it.

Welcome yourself home. You are what you have always been looking for. There is nothing to do or to get. You have all that you need. It has always been there, waiting for you to find it. It is your divine birthright.

Relax and open to it. Be it. Acknowledge it. Express it.

Live, laugh, love, play, dance, and eat well. Celebrate and express your joy!

Let your light brighten the world. It is who you are. You’re a shining star!

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