Affirmations for Weight Loss

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Affirmations for weight loss are short, positive statements written in the present tense.  Repeating daily affirmations can help you stay motivated, positive, and on track to achieve your weight loss and wellness goals.

Affirmations for weight loss are not a cure all but a powerful tool in your weight loss toolbox. I recommend repeating a series of affirmations daily to help you stay focused. The best time to repeat these are first thing in the morning. You can do them while getting ready for work. You can even put them on your bathroom mirror and repeat them there!

When trying to lose weight, most people lose focus. It's easy to put your weight loss goals on the back burner when life and its demands get in the way. By repeating these daily weight loss affirmations, not only will you stay motivated but they will help shift your mindset away from negativity and pessimism and fill you with a sense of optimism and possibility!

Weight loss affirmations do work!

Here are 20 of the Best Affirmations for Weight Loss.

I do exercise I enjoy.

Moving my body feels good.

I am getting lighter, leaner, and full of energy!

I am getting stronger every day.

I am getting thinner every day.


I eat when I’m truly hungry.

I eat only until I’m full.

I avoid temptations easily.

I choose food that supports my health.

I enjoy a variety of foods.


I eat only what I need.

I love and support my body.

I eat to nurture my body and my soul.

I choose to eat what my body needs.

I love the way healthy food tastes.


My body is a temple and I treat it that way.

I listen to what my body really wants.

I enjoy taking good care of my body.

My body is the vehicle of my spirit.

My body is becoming more beautiful with each passing day.

Want a daily affirmation and motivational quote sent to your inbox? 

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