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Thinnerisms, Issue #001 -- Another Year, Another Diet?
January 15, 2013

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Happy New Year!

I'm sure many of you have been busy setting new goals and resolutions for the coming year. Unfortunately, many people begin the New Year all fired up for change and then find themselves losing steam after 2-3 weeks. Recognize yourself? If this happens to you frequently, you may want to reconsider your approach to change. Instead of trying to change too many things at once, why not go for changing just one or two? Just imagine, if you changed one or two things and stuck with these consistently throughout the year, just how different your life would be. Why not try walking every day? Or adding more fruits and vegetables and eating less sugar?

Trying to change too many things at once is a setup for failure. We begin to quickly feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and then quit, feeling we have failed yet again. Once you integrate one change, then you can add another. Then, add another. This way you ensure your success. When you see that you can do one thing successfully, you will feel more inspired and motivated to continue moving forward. There's nothing like success to fuel more success!Most people aren't aware that the change process, especially the weight loss process, has particular stages. To learn more about the stages of change, read my article on The Dynamics of Change here.

Another Year? Another Diet?

Planning to go on yet another diet? That's so last year!

In order to get different results, you must do something different. Otherwise, you're stuck on the diet wheel of karma going nowhere fast! Remember, the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results! Why not ditch the diet mentality and think serious lifestyle change? A diet is something you go off of; a lifestyle change is something that you make a way of life. When approaching any program for weight loss and health, you need to ask  yourself,"Is this sustainable?" If not, don't expect to achieve lasting results.

Want Something Different? Do Something Different!

What are you planning to do differently this year to get different results? Where would you like to be next year?

Take some time to analyze what has been getting in your way.
  • Are your methods faulty?
  • Are your expectations realistic?
  • Are you biting off more than you can chew?
  • Do you need to learn how to manage stress more effectively?
  • Do you need to overcome emotional overeating?
Find a way to to integrate moving more and eating less into your every day life. Grand gestures aren't needed. Slow gradual change is often lasting change. If you're having trouble integrating healthy changes into your life, you may benefit from some weight loss/emotional eating and wellness coaching. Coaching can make the difference between success and failure. It helps you to navigate the change process while offering you accountability, structure, and encouragement, while you learn some new life and coping skills.

To learn more about why and how coaching works click here.

If you'd like a free coaching consultation click here.

Inspirational Quotes by Catherine L. Taylor

Change requires the belief that change is possible for you. You are far more powerful than you believe yourself to be. You would not have made it this far if you were not capable of change.

You must be willing to be uncomfortable as you push past your previous limitations. To lose weight permanently requires faith, faith that there is a bigger life waiting for you beyond food and weight. Faith is an eternal remembrance of home. Home is where the heart is. 

Water moving slowly can cut through a boulder. Stop looking at your boulder (weight) and begin to flow like water.

You eat your attitude. Choose to focus on the beauty and goodness in the world. Acknowledge all that is well in your world.

Are you planning on losing weight and overcoming emotional eating someday? A someday life is an imaginary life. There is only now!

Begin now and soon you will be living your best life!

Contact me!

Together we can map out a plan of action that works for you!

Weekly Affirmations

  • My health is the foundation of my life and therefore a top priority.
  • I am willing to do something different to get the results I'm looking for.
  • I am capable of change and moving forward.

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Wishing you a New Year filled with new experiences, new insights, and new energy!

Many Blessings,


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