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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail
May 21, 2013

He who fails to plan, plans to fail. —Winston Churchill.

We overeaters are often resistant to establishing routines and structure in our lives. This may be especially apparent around food. We may fail to create a healthy food plan for ourselves. Veering from our food plan or not having one and engaging in spontaneous eating often leads to overeating.

We may also fail to shop and keep our refrigerator, freezer and pantry stocked with healthy choices. This results in choosing whatever is convenient or resorting to fast food choices. We might also resist establishing a regular routine of exercise. Following a plan or routine allows us to stay on track, achieve our goals, and find freedom from food obsession. Without one, we are easily thrown off course.

A food plan is not a diet. It means having at least five meals that we know how to prepare for ourselves and that we keep the ingredients for stocked in our fridge, pantry and freezer. We can print out a shopping list for these meals and shop once a week. That way we always have healthy food in our house.

We can keep our freezer stocked with chicken breasts, chops, fish fillets, and other items that can be defrosted quickly so that we can prepare meals easily. We can also pack and bring a lunch to work so that we will eat better and be less tempted to make poor choices at work.

Having a plan is not antithetical to the concept of mindful eating. We can plan meals and still eat mindfully. We can ask ourselves in the morning what we are in the mood to have for dinner that night and leave that item out to defrost. Most of us have to work and feed families therefore we need to plan and have food available when we get home.

We can’t just eat what we feel like in the moment all the time; it isn't practical for most of us. We need a structure for our lives to run smoothly. We don’t have to rigidly follow the plan; we can pull something out to eat in the morning, but if it’s not what we want later, we can choose differently, but at least we have a plan in place.

We cannot be successful in this area of our life without creating a structure for it to happen. Success won’t just appear one day. We have to lay a foundation that will guarantee our success. That means creating successful plans or routines for managing our daily emotional/mental, spiritual, and physical needs. If we shortchange ourselves in any of these areas, we create an imbalance and we are easily thrown off kilter.

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Reflective Questions, Thoughts and Quotes

  • Do I resist creating structure around food? How is that working for me? Is my house and pantry stocked with healthy food choices?
  • When I eat spontaneously, do I make poor or better food choices?
  • Am I in need of learning new recipes so that I can cook healthier meals?
  • Do I have self-care routines in place for my physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual needs? Or do I use food for these needs as well?

Weekly Affirmations

I create a daily plan for myself. This allows me freedom and puts me on the path to success.

I create the structure for my success to happen.

I stock my fridge, pantry and freezer with appealing and healthy food choices.

I cook food that is healthy and delicious.

I am organized and efficient.

I am open to learning new recipes.

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I have found that people who struggle with food and emotional eating are released from that prison once they learn the skills of mindful awareness and mindful eating, emotional self-nurturing, developing a spiritual or meditation practice, and learning to set appropriate limits and goals.

This turns off the urge to overeat and engage in other compulsive behaviors. When you feel better, you eat better! I have walked this path myself, and it has led me to peace and freedom.

The goal of my coaching is to create a lighter, balanced, healthier, nourishing and joy-filled life. You will begin to see results in all areas of your life because How You do Food is How You do Life!®

I coach and mentor people in the areas of: permanent weight loss, food addiction, compulsive, emotional overeating, binge eating recovery, creative self expression, spiritual direction, mindfulness, meditation, self care and stress management, self esteem and body image issues.

Note: My work is spiritually focused, not religious, and fits with any belief system you may have, even agnostic. My work assumes that you have all the wisdom and answers you need inside of you.

What you call this place -- God, intuition, Higher Power, inner wisdom, or True Self -- is up to you. I am simply a guide bringing you back to the truths that are already inside of you.

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