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What's fear got to do with it?
March 05, 2013

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Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

  —Les Brown

What's fear got to do with being overweight?


Many of us use food, dieting, and weight obsession as a way of avoiding and facing our deepest fears. As long as all our life energy is tied up in this problem, including all the negative emotions that go along with it, we don't have to take the risks and actions that would improve our lives.

Many of us have gotten quite cozy in our miserable ruts, and though they don't exactly make us happy, they are far better than venturing out into unknown territory. Who knows what we might find there? As the saying goes, the devil we know is better than the devil we don't know.

Often, we project our fears into the future where they seem really big and scary. The problem is most of these things never happen. Fear is manageable as long as we stay in the present. All we need to do is take baby steps forward, and as we walk through fear, we find it goes poof! It dissipates and then disappears. And we wonder why we made such a big deal over it!

Some of us don't even know we're afraid. Fear has many faces. Some of these related to being overweight are: fear of change and the unknown, fear of making mistakes, fear of being attractive, fear of intimacy, fear of one's sexuality, fear of people's envy and jealously, fear of being abandoned, fear of being happy, fear of regaining the weight all back, fear of success, and fear of rejection and failure.

Fear wears many disguises. Some of these are laziness, procrastination, excuses, perfectionism, avoidance, and self-sabotage. These all involve plenty of fear.  What do some of these look like in real life?

  • We tell ourselves we will start when _________ happens. Of course, it never does.
  • We tell ourselves it's going to be way too much work and we don't start.

  • We may set the bar so high that we're terrified of failing, so we don't start.

  • We tell ourselves it's going to be way too time consuming and we don't have that kind of time.

  • We're afraid to make mistakes and as soon as we make one or have a setback, we quit.

  • We do really well for awhile, but we're afraid of failing or being successful, so we begin to self-sabotage by overeating.

  • We're really afraid to do the things we say we'll do once we lose weight, so as we get close to realizing our goal, we overeat and begin to backslide.

  • We don't try again because we've tried many times before and failed, so why is this time going to be any different?

When we allow fear to run our lives, we are living our fears and not our dreams. How sad! This is our one and only precious life. Do we want our lives to be a testament to courage and inspire others by our example? Or do we want our lives to be a testament about how we surrendered to fear, became its victim, and therefore hid from life? It's our choice.

Let's choose life!

My wish for you is to live fearlessly and fabulously! Let nothing hold you back, especially your weight. Don't let that become your excuse for an unlived life. Get out there and live large!

 How you do food is how you do life!®

Are you an awesome executor of excuses? Are you the Queen or King of Self-Sabotage? Or a Cowardly Lion or Lioness? Ready to live your one and only precious life? Master your weight problem and your life!  Contact me for a free consultation!


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Inspirational Quotes, Reflective Questions and Thoughts by Catherine L. Taylor

  • Fear is like the little old man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz. It's a big scary voice, and when you pull back the curtain, there's not much there!
  • Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. If you're not in immediate danger, fear is an illusion.
  • Courage doesn't just arrive on your doorstep one day. Courage is gained by walking through fear.
  • What would you be doing in your life if you had no fear?

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Weekly Affirmations

I gain courage each time I look fear in the face and take a step forward.

I declare myself a no excuse zone!

I have the ability to meet whatever issue I'm afraid of with grace and grit.

I embrace the unknown to have what I say I want: a new life!

I'm strong, fearless, and courageous. I just don't know it yet!

I'm ready to do the thing I'm afraid to do. It's in the doing that I will be transformed.

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