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Hobbies Mean Happiness!
March 19, 2013

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Let the things you love be your escape. ~Anonymous

Got any hobbies?

A big part of healing from overeating is to find nourishment in other sources, besides food. Overeaters often lack nourishing hobbies. They turn to food to relieve feelings of emptiness and boredom. Food and weight obsession may even start out as a kind of hobby. Many people love to read about nutrition, health, exercise, and dieting. Unfortunately, this sometimes backfires on them, as they become obsessed with trying to control their weight through extreme diets and overexercise.

Hobbies bring great joy and satisfaction to life. Hobbies, unlike work, are done for the pure pleasure they bring. They are a source of fun and adult play. When we're immersed in a hobby, we're in a flow state; our minds cease to chatter and we lose track of time. Scientists tell us this flow state is a state of deep relaxation, happiness, and healing.

Don't know what your life purpose or passion is? Hobbies are a great way to experiment and develop different aspects of ourselves. They don't involve great risk. We may even discover that we have hidden talents. Some people turn their hobbies into successful careers.

Hobbies can be very social and bring us many new friends. There's a club and organization for just about every kind of hobby. It's great fun to share your passion and interests with others. A group based on your hobby can be a great source of support, inspiration, and ongoing education.

Studies show that people with hobbies are happier and live longer. This is because hobbies give people's lives meaning and purpose. People who retire and have no fulfilling hobbies can quickly succumb to depression, anxiety, isolation, and overeating.

It's important to develop satisfying hobbies before we retire. That way we make the transition into retirement easier. People often say they have no time for hobbies, yet they waste all their free time parked in front of the TV or on the internet. Just think of the satisfaction you would have if you had something to show for that time!

There is a hobby for every type of personality and budget. Some hobbies are contemplative, for example: gardening, bird watching and hiking. Others involve handiwork like crafts, knitting, sewing or crochet. And other hobbies are service oriented like volunteering or working in an animal shelter. Then there are hobbies such as singing in a choir, photography or fine art, or collecting something like stamps, art, or vintage and thrift store finds. Whatever your interest is, there is a hobby and a club that revolves around it.

Don't know what you're interested in? Get out there and explore! Boredom is a choice. This world is so full of exciting possibilities!

If you're feeling in a rut, bored, or unfulfilled with your life, a hobby is a great place to start.  March is National Craft Month. Craft yourself a new life!

Are you ready to leave boredom and overeating behind you? Hungry for a new adventure? Ready to connect with your passion for life?
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Feast for the Eyes - Photo by Catherine L. Taylor

Inspirational Quotes, Reflective Questions and Thoughts by Catherine L. Taylor

  • Picasso didn't start out as Picasso. He too had to start as a beginner. Allow yourself to be mediocre at first.

  • Everyone has talent. Talent must be developed. It takes practice.

  • The things you love and are drawn to are clues to potential hobbies. Love flowers? Photograph, grow, draw, arrange, or paint them.

  • Hobbies are done for the joy of the process, not just the result. That's a lesson that can be applied to weight loss!

  • What hobbies and sort of play did you engage in as a child? Dolls? Make or collect, and join a doll club!

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This turns off the urge to overeat and engage in other compulsive behaviors. When you feel better, you eat better! I have walked this path myself, and it has led me to peace and freedom.

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