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What's Your Favorite Delusion?
June 04, 2013

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.
— Philip K. Dick

Many of us have unrealistic expectations and fantasies about weight loss. Some of us expect to lose a lot of weight quickly and find ourselves frustrated and angry when the process is much slower than we expected. Some of us tell ourselves that once we lose the weight, food will no longer be an issue and we will be free to eat anything we want in large amounts. And some of us entertain fantasies of becoming very thin, when this is not natural for the body type we have been given, nor can we possibly sustain it for the long term.

Until we become willing to accept reality and work within it, success will elude us. We need to set realistic and achievable goals, and allow ourselves the time and space to learn new ways of living. We need to accept the fact once we reach our weight loss goal, we will need to stay vigilant and work on maintaining our new weight through our daily choices, habits, and actions. We cannot return to our old ways of overeating or else we will be right back where we started.

Many of us need to let go of the thin fantasy and find a realistic weight that we can sustain and that feels right for the type of body we have been given. Our bodies change each decade and we need to align our expectations with those changes and look at how much exercise we are willing to do as well.

We also have to let go of the idea that losing weight will be a magic panacea for our life’s issues. We need to accept the fact we are never going to reach perfection or reach a place in our lives where there are no problems or challenges. We need to start living our best lives right now, not weighting until the weight disappears.

When we struggle with weight, we also struggle with reality. Our weight, no matter how we feel or think about it, just is. It's a blank neutral slate. It's the thoughts and stories that we tell ourselves about the weight that causes us the pain and struggle. We cease to struggle when we come into alignment with reality and face the facts of our situation. That's often when we get willing to work within reality, set some achievable goals, and move forward.

Now that you know the reality of the situation, what are you going to do about it?

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Reflective Questions

  • In what ways do I delude myself about my weight?
  • What story do I tell myself about my weight that keeps me stuck where I am?
  • Do I believe that I can eat large amounts of certain foods because they're healthy and good for me?
  • Do I allow myself to overeat when I've been good in some way?

  • Do I tell myself I won't have to ever think about food or weight after I reach my goal weight?

  • Do I tell myself I will deal with my food and weight issue when life becomes easier and less stressful, yet that time never seems to happen?

Weekly Affirmations

I am ready to begin.

Small actions add up over time and lead to my larger success.

I make healthy choices each day that build towards my goal.

I am willing to develop the patience to have what I want.

I am a work in progress.

I gain momentum with each small step forward.

I am through weighting for my real life to begin.

I choose to enjoy my life now.

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