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The Secret to Using the Law of Attraction - Issue #65
June 17, 2014

You do not attract what you want. You attract what you are.
—Wayne Dyer

The Law of Attraction is a universal principle that states that you attract to you what you are. "Like attracts like." The Law of Attraction forms the basis for positive thinking but is much more than that. With your beliefs, thoughts, and actions, you energetically vibrate at a certain frequency, and you attract circumstances, people, and things into your life that vibrate or are aligned with that frequency.

If you want to manifest something, you must become what you are seeking. In other words, you must become an energetic or vibratory match for what you want to manifest. If you want love, you must practice being more loving. If you want to lose weight, you must become an energetic match for that, meaning you must think and act like a normal weight person. Overweight people tend to be less active, think much more about food, eat more fattening type foods, and eat when they’re not hungry. Naturally thin people tend to be more active and eat when hungry and stop when full. Of course, there are exceptions, but this is a general rule.

Many people think they can put in their order for a new body and the Universe will deliver it on special order. It doesn’t work this way. The more you give to life, the more the Universe gives back. It’s a reciprocal relationship - give and take. Not give me this, give me that. God isn’t a vending machine.

Some of us are looking for an epiphany which will result in food never being an issue again. This is false. Weight loss and emotional eating recovery is a process, not a onetime event. We may have epiphanies along the way, but they are only pointers of the way. The way still must be practiced.

Some people think all they have to do is repeat affirmations, pray or meditate, do a vision board, and the weight will come off. This is all good stuff but half the equation. We will still need to exercise, eat less, and work on changing long entrenched behavior and thinking patterns. Remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We have to back up our intentions with action and practice becoming the new person we want to become, so that we can manifest a new self. As we do this repeatedly, we are creating new neural pathways in our brain and literally rewiring ourselves to become a new person.

The closer we are to God consciousness or Universal Source, the easier it is to manifest what we truly desire. Source energy is the energy of miracles and we must open our consciousness to experience them. We can do this through a regular practice of prayer and/or meditation,yoga or some other mind/body practice. As we shift out of a place of egoic desire, the irony is that we are often given what we really want, as long as it is aligned with our highest good. We are blessed by grace and our desires and needs are fulfilled quite effortlessly as life falls into place.

In terms of weight loss, this might mean we are given the willingness to work towards what we want, our cravings and urges may be removed, all of a sudden we feel motivated to exercise and want to take proper care of ourselves, and abusing ourselves with food and other things no longer appeals to us.

This means we are vibrating at a higher frequency and because we are feeling a lightness of spirit, we are no longer interested in dragging ourselves down with too much food and an unhealthy lifestyle. We are no longer an energetic match for excess weight and we want to move forward and step fully into the lite. We have become what we are seeking, and it’s only a matter of time until our bodies reflect a true lightness of being.

Is my vibration an energetic match of the person I want to become? If not, I can act as if until I become what I am seeking.


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Feast for the Eyes - Magenta Hibiscus - Photography by Catherine L. Taylor


  • A weight loss master is a "goddess of attraction." She aligns herself with the creative vibration of the universe to manifest the health, wealth and happiness she deserves.
    —Catherine L. Taylor
  • Law of Attraction is Universal, and every person is affected by it. And it is always true that what I think and what I feel and what I get are always a match.
    —Abraham/Esther Hicks
  • Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; for it becomes your destiny.
  • Every thought we think is creating our future.
    ―Louise Hay
  • Law of Attraction is not punishing you. Law of Attraction is supporting you with evidence of your vibrational frequency.
    —Abraham/Esther Hicks

Weekly Affirmations

I am one with the source of all that is.

I am filled with a lightness of being.

I am becoming who I want to be.

Each day I affirm and act as if I am who I want to be.

I am thinking my future right now. Am I creating a good one?

My actions reflect the new, lighter version of me.

I ignite the light within and let it brighten and lighten my life and body.

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