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Change is Good! - Newsletter Issue #29
July 30, 2013

Change is happening whether you acknowledge it or not. It’s better to learn to deal with it than to avoid it. Otherwise, one day you wake-up and realize life has passed you by.

Many of us will not change our ways until we are forced to. We may be really unhappy with our lives and our food and weight issues, yet feel no real impetus to make changes. Often, we are given some sort of wake-up call that jolts us from our slumbering, comfortable trance like existence. It may be a health crisis that finally forces us to change our ways. We might have a small stroke or heart attack, or a diagnosis of diabetes, and that finally scares us into making the necessary health changes.

Some of us want to change and we will enroll in some sort of diet, weight loss, or fitness program and attempt to make changes. Even when we are willing to make changes, we have to be prepared for resistance to show up. Resistance is a natural part of the change process.

For many of us, it’s anxiety provoking to attempt to change long entrenched ways of doing things. On a cellular level we feel threatened. Humans are hardwired to resist change. It’s a survival instinct. It’s the reptilian “cave man” part of our brain going into a flight or fight response.

Some of us are more threatened by change than others. Some people have a rigid, perfectionistic personality style with underlying anxiety issues. Change is very hard for this unbending type of personality. They are very routine bound and when this routine changes, they can become quite anxious. They will stubbornly hold onto their old ways or go through the change process bucking and kicking.

Black and white thinkers have a hard time with transitions and change. They want to go from A to Z overnight with none of the steps in between. They are very impatient, get frustrated very easily, attempt too many changes at once, get overwhelmed, and then quit. They have a start…stop…start…stop pattern, never getting very far in their weight loss efforts.

Some people are afraid of losing themselves in the process of change. They’re afraid they won’t know who they are without the identity and problem of being overweight. Even though they don’t like being overweight, they like the comfort and safety their overeating and weight problem gives them.

They have a fear that they might not be able to handle new circumstances, roles, expectations, and being the focus of unwanted attention. They sabotage and resist changing to keep themselves safe from facing their fears.

The best way to work with all these issues is to make slow, gradual changes. If change is gradual, it gives us time to adjust to the changes, and it keeps our discomfort and anxiety at a manageable level, which reduces resistance.

The best way is to change only one or two small things until we have adjusted to those, and then add one or two more. This makes change very manageable. Slow, gradual changes are also more likely to become permanent changes because they have time to be fully integrated into our being.

Remember this: life is change. To resist change is to resist life. Embrace life!

In what ways are you resisting life and the change process?

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Tips to Handle Resistance to Change
  • When you notice you are in a state of existence, acknowledging it will soften it. Greet it with, “Yes, resistance, I see you are here for a visit.” Struggling against it makes it worse.
  • Accept that it is a natural and temporary part of the change process and you will move through it quicker. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Repeat often: This too shall pass.

  • Feel it; accept it; and move forward with your plan anyway! The quickest way to alleviate fear and anxiety is through taking action!
  • Remind yourself of other times that you were afraid of change, and yet did it and realized you had blown it way out of proportion.
  • Make friends with discomfort. Change and growth can be uncomfortable. That’s why they call them growing pains.

Weekly Affirmations

What I resist persists.

I can adapt to anything.

I can handle anything one step at a time.

I can change if I really want to.

I allow my desire for change to propel me forward.

I ask my Higher Power or inner wisdom to give me the strength and courage to change.

I am excited about who I am becoming.

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Catherine L. Taylor
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