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Ask and You Will Receive - Newsletter Issue #32
August 20, 2013

Place yourself in the middle of the stream of power and wisdom which flows into your life. Then, without effort, you are impelled to truth and to perfect contentment.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Overeating recovery takes place on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Many of us have tried to overcome our eating problem through dieting and willpower only, and have found this approach lacking, as our deeper hungers and needs were never satisfied or even addressed. It is only by feeding our Spirit that we are able to become whole, integrated, and at peace with food and life.

Overeating has left many of us feeling fragmented and disconnected from our True Self and Spirit. What is needed is a daily spiritual practice and a reliance on a Higher Power, a power greater than ourselves, however we may define that. A Higher Power can take many forms and goes by many names. It can be God, Spirit, soul, intuition, inner wisdom, true self, divine intelligence, nature, or anything else that is larger than us and can provide us the hope, strength and support we are seeking.

Our Higher Power provides the fuel for us to realize our true potential as human beings. Through a daily practice of prayer and/or meditation we learn to still ourselves and tap into the truth, wisdom, and guidance that we so desperately need. This daily grounding provides the deep nourishment and connection we have so often sought in food and other externals.

Whereas willpower alone has often failed us, we can rely on this Higher Power to give us the strength, courage and guidance to meet challenges in our lives without turning to food. In turning our lives over to the care of our Higher Power, we find what we couldn’t do on our own is now being done for us, one day at a time.

All we need to do is ask and be receptive to its guidance. In time, our Higher Power can become our greatest source of comfort and strength, and bring a sense of peace and order into our lives, something our overeating could never do.

Today, I begin to define what a Higher Power is for me.

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Feast for the Eyes - Himalayan Blue Poppies - Photo by Catherine L. Taylor

Reflective Questions
  • Am I open and willing to ask for help and to receive guidance?
  • Have I ever experienced a moment or time when I felt something larger than myself was guiding me?
  • Have I felt moments of bliss and oneness when I felt at peace with the world?
  • Have I ever experienced flashes of insight and guidance that seemed to come from a deeper part of myself?
  • Do I resist going back to that place? Do I ignore my inner promptings and voice? Why?

Weekly Affirmations

Daily, I ask my Higher Power for the strength to overcome my overeating. This strength and power is the source and foundation of my true healing and transformation.

In the deepest parts of my being exists a place of perfect peace and wisdom.

In the stillness I hear my inner wisdom talking to me.

I trust that the answers I need are within me.

I am never alone in my healing journey.

I ask for what I need and it is given to me.

I am divinely supported.

I open myself to receive the help and answers that I need.

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I have found that people who struggle with food and emotional eating are released from that prison once they learn the skills of mindful awareness and mindful eating, emotional self-nurturing, developing a spiritual or meditation practice, and learning to set appropriate limits and goals.

This turns off the urge to overeat and engage in other compulsive behaviors. When you feel better, you eat better! I have walked this path myself, and it has led me to peace and freedom.

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I coach and mentor people in the areas of: permanent weight loss, food addiction, compulsive, emotional overeating, binge eating recovery, creative self expression, spiritual direction, mindfulness, meditation, self care and stress management, self esteem and body image issues.

Note: My work is spiritually focused, not religious, and fits with any belief system you may have, even agnostic. My work assumes that you have all the wisdom and answers you need inside of you.

What you call this place -- God, intuition, Higher Power, inner wisdom, or true self -- is up to you. I am simply a guide bringing you back to the truths that are already inside of you.

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Many Blessings,


Catherine L. Taylor
How You do Food is How You do Life!

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